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Why Custom-Writing Business Is Still Profitable Despite Numerous Bans

Why Custom-Writing Business Is Still Profitable Despite Numerous Bans

To answer this question, it is vital to understand the nature of custom writing companies. The majority of them communicate a very simple idea — their goal is to help students cope with their assignments faster. They help them write more interesting and profound papers within a short period of time. The process looks like this. A student places an order with all the details of the assignment. Then, a writer starts working on it. The students can make suggestions and ask for revisions. Generally speaking, both of them contribute to the final result of this cooperation. Finally, the student receives a perfectly written paper.

At this point, the student can use the sample paper in whatever way possible. One of them is using the paper as an additional source of information while coping with the assignment. Alternatively, the student can use it for writing all the other papers during the years of studying. As a rule, a professionally written paper has all the attributes of a flawless literary piece. Therefore, it can be used as a template for future assignments.

At this point, it is difficult to see the reason why anyone would ban the activity of such business activity. All the negativity comes from the idea that students then use the papers they receive as if they have written them on their own. In other words, teachers evaluate not their work but the effort of qualified writers instead. In this case, the main idea of the learning process vanishes. However, this is something that goes beyond the control of the writing companies.

It is the responsibility of the students who place orders. Many of them use the services to improve their writing skills and start getting better grades. So, the real problem here is the decision-making process of every client who considers the option of using the content in an ethically questionable way. Then again, due to the many drawbacks of the education system, students often do not have any other choice.

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