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Notebook Battery, NB001

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Код товара: 31185

Страна-производитель: LXT Battery

Назначение: Applications
COMPAQ/DELL/IBM/Toshiba/Sony/Acer/HP/and more.

Состояние: Новое

Город: Благовещенск

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Basic characteristics of battery: Cell assembling: Assemble. Pack: Low Temperature Formed, Frame, Label, case, ultrasonic, case ultrasonic welding. Long cycle effect: used more than 500 cycles. Application: Notebook, P-DVD etc. Main Technical advantages and Product characteristics 1. High capacity, long cycle life, low self-discharge rate, and no memory effect. 2. 100% compatible with original battery. 3. All of packs have either the two-wire SMBUS or single-wire HDQ16 to communicate with the host device about voltage, capacity, cycle, self-discharge rate, current, and temperature. 4. Multiple protections. 5. Professional electronic engineering R&D team. 6. Automatic battery aging testing systems. 7. Welcome ODM/OEM. Applications COMPAQ/DELL/IBM/Toshiba/Sony/Acer/HP/and more.

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