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 Абонентская база «ВымпелКом» снова сократилась
Количество людей, которые пользуются услугами связи «ВымпелКом» (под брендом «Билайн»), снизилось по итогам 2017 года.
 Отопление пеллетными котлами: нюансы, о которых не расскажут производители
Установку пеллетных котлов все чаще предпочитают владельцы частных домов и загородных коттеджей - им иметь такое отопительное оборудование выгодно. Расскажем о плюсах и минусах котлов для пеллет.

Управление предприятием
 Концепция Канбан: 4 принципа и 5 правил бережливого производства
Канбан - мощная и эффективная методология, предполагающая четкое планирование и ограничение количества задач в работе. Однако не все эксперты бизнеса относятся к этой концепции положительно.

 Как вентиляция и канализация могут сделать вашу жизнь не только удобней, но и богаче
генеральный директор
ООО «Оборудование Профессионалам»
О том, почему дела с ЖКХ в России обстоят плохо и что с этим делать
Бизнес идеи для малого бизнеса
 Открываем типографию: какое оборудование нужно? Открываем типографию: какое оборудование нужно?
Чтобы типография была успешной, следует задуматься о том, чтобы оснастить её самым современным оборудованием. Что для типографии необходимо, мы и расскажем в этой статье.

About the projects

Dear sirs!

We invite you to take advantage of the opportunities of the portal about the equipment

The portal was created in 1998. Over ten years the experts made a high-capacity web resource, rich and having the regular customers throughout Russian Federation. The equipment market participants have the opportunity to receive promptly the necessary information, communicate for the purpose of promotion of their business.

The primary audience of the portal are the industrial enterprises/companies leaders, leading managers,  industrial departments/workshops/divisions managers, technicians, engineers, marketing spesialists, sales managers and specialists, media representatives.

Always on-line. More than 140 000 persons visit the portal every month. It should be noted again that the Internert has the unlimited possibilities and mass availability. It is an excellent opportunity for the enterprises and organizations to choose a business partner, an optimal provider or a customer without reference to his geographical location. At any time a user can visit the portal, acquire the necessary information and place the data about him and his produce. The portal  is the perfect area where the distance beween the producer and consumer grows short and takes place a mutually advantageous cooperation for both business spheres: B2B and В2С. The portal has an easy and handy navigation, that considerably simplifies the information retrieval.

Working hours saving, attractive price. The considerably simplifies the necessary information retrieval, it saves the time of the manager and of the staff. At that the area is the concentration of a large quantity of the offered services and equipment.

In 2009 the portal assumed a “new face” because it came to be a mass media. Thereby, it acquierd the new users, that not only look for the equipment, but also learn the news and read the articles. The materials of the portal are invariably presented in the information content agregators of the services Yandex and Google.

The information content of the portal.

  • The news of the portal is the unique information, that covers the themes of the development and technologies, the reports about the arrival on market of the newest equipment, statistical data and the information about the events in the manufacturing companies. Every company can add its new, after that the information will be processed by a moderator and placed to the news block depending on its information value.
  • The subject matter Equipment/engineering/technology is presented more detailed in the articles. Just here the people can learn of specific character of manufacture/employment of one or another product, read the experts opinion. In the Information articles section there are presented many interesting themes covering the metallurgical, machine-building, woodworking industries, special technical equipment, welding outfit, construction materials production. The articles help to understand the classical and innovative techniques of equipment use and business updating. The Analytics section provides insight into the events in the scope of the industrial branches and introduces into the comparative analysis of the production sphere development, deal with the specialists forecasts. Currently the articles catalog includes more than 300 materials.
  • One of the most important sections of the portal is the equipment catalog, where it`s easy to orientate, because it is clearly divided into 20 sections. The catalog is subdivided into the information about the New equipment and the Used equipment. At this moment it contains more than 30 000 units of equipment/machinery with the descriptions, features and references to the producer/vendor. Owing to the publication of the detailed data the producer/vendor and the customer begin to associate directly, without the intermediaries. For time saving purposes there is the Search on the portal, with witch you can get to the page with the required equipment or information. Every day the catalog get replenished by the new arrivals, that are displayed on the main page of the portal. To place the information, it is necessary to be a registered user.
  • In the Enterprises catalog there is the information about almost 20 000 companies, that produce/sell/supply machinery. Here are placed the detailed contact information of these organizations.
  • No one business can do without the industrial analysis. The latest economic developments showed that the situation can change and dramatically enough. The portal offers the Market reviews. Thanks to these materials a business owner, a marketer can make the appropriate company development forecast. The reviews database get continually updated by the specialized companies undertaking studies. Particulary АКПР, DISCOVERY Research Group, B2B Research, КредИнформ Северо-Запад.
  • The Exhibitions section announce the exhibition and other events concerning the conduct of business and innovations. In this section you can connect with the exhibition/event organizers and get the advance information.
  • On the Bulletin board the visitor of the portal can solve his target task by publishing a message for the persons concerned. The Bulletin board is intended for entering into mutually advantageous cooperation between the organizations, private and juridical persons. It is here, that the potential partners meet one another.

Today, in the conditions of modern market, the activity of producer and customer is impossible without the Internet, it`s easy to find there any information and produce.

The portal is the first-rate source Internet, that combines the various information about the equipment made and being on sale in Russia and abroad. The publications on the portal is the universal method to bring the information to the largest sections of customers.

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