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  • Жидкостно-кольцевые вакуумные насосы

Жидкостно-кольцевые вакуумные насосы

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The main characteristics of 2BE3 series products:
· The tolerance, corrosive status, and the begrime situation can be easily observed by the big inspection port on both sides of the end-shield.
· The 2BE3 series pumps have flanges both on the top and sides with the same diameter. It is more convenient to connect with the 2BE3 series pumps.
· The bearings are all used of the imported products in order to keep the precise orientation and the high stability during the working of the pump.
· The material of the impeller is QT400 nodular iron or steel plates for ensuring the stability of the pump under the various rigorous situations and extending the life of the pump effectively.
· The casing is made of steel or stainless steel plates to extend the lifetime of the 2BE3 series pumps.
· The shaft bushing is made of stainless steel plates to extend the life of the pumps 5 times more than the normal material.
· The V-belt pulley (when the pump is driven by the belt) is used of the high precise pulley with taper bushing to keep the reliability of the pump and extend its life. And it is also easy to mantle and dismantle.
· The unique design of setting the separator above the pump saves the space and decreases the noise efficiently.
· All the spare parts are cast by the resin sands that make the surface of the pump very smooth. So it is not necessary to cover the surface of the pump with putty and gives out the heat efficiently.
· The mechanical seals (optional) are all used the imported products so as to avoid the leakage during the working of the pump for a long time.

Compared with 2BE1 series, 2BE3 series are different in the following aspects: 
They have higher suction capacity and lower vacuum, thus they are suitable for operations requiring large suction capacity such as mine gas discharge and pressure swing adsorption for chemical plants. 
Cylindrical ball bearings are replaced by double-row tapered roller bearings, thus service lives of the bearings are prolonged and load carrying capacities are improved.
The‘concave-convex connector’for locating the pump and distribution plate is replaced by‘two pins on one surface’. The stop pins ensure the radial clearance between the impeller and pump. 
Air inlets and vents are arranged on both top and side end of the pump cover. In case that the gas shall be filled or discharged from the top, the side air inlets and vents are sealed by blank caps, thus there are more assembly options.
High voltage motor may be available for the 2BE3 series since their energy consumptions and powers are increased due to large volumes and large suction capacities. The transmission is usually carried out by reducers. Pumps 50/52 may use belt transmission while pump 60 and superior ones shall adopt reducers for transmission. 
2BE3 series have additional eccentric clapboards for dividing the pumps into two chambers with impeller middle plates. Air inlets and vents on side flanges make one pump adequate for operations requiring two pressure points, such as paper making.

For more information,please feel free to contact with ZS Equipment.

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The 2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pumps and compressors are high-efficient and energy-saving products developed by our company on the basis of our scientific achievements and production experiences over the years and internationally advanced technique of similar products. They have low vacuum and high extraction capacity and are usually applied to exhausting water insoluble, noncorrosive and solid particle-free gases for creating vacuum and pressure in closed containers. They are also applicable for corrosive gases, or corrosive liquid can be used as treatment fluid by modifying materials of parts. The products are being widely used in fields of paper making, chemistry, pharmacy, coal dressing, mineral separation, petrochemistry, light industry, food, metallurgy, building material, stoneware and chemical fertilizer due to their outstanding and reliable performances and durability.

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