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Страна-производитель: Zhejiang BC&TV Technology Co., Ltd.

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джедяан радио-теле техническая предприятия

, Building No.16, Xidoumen Industry Park, Wenyi Road

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ZBL5811T1550nm external modulation optical transmitter is a high-end product that is applied to CATV optical network for long-time stable operation. It optimizes the optical modulator circuit and pre-distortion circuit to provide excellent performance.

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Год выпуска: 1999 Срок эксплуатации, лет: 12 Features 1 The external modulator and the laser are both imported from USA or Japan 2 Perfect SBS suppress circuit and adjustable SBS in 13,16, 18,apply for different types of CATV network 3 Excellent pre-distortion circuit ensures the best CTB and CSO when the CNR is in high standard 4 AGC and MGC function 5 Automatically temperature control on shell 6 The function of laser monitoring, fault alarm and network management by the inner software 7 RJ45 and RS232 standard interface 8 Double power supply that can be switched automatically. Zhejiang BC&TV Techology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer specialized in supplying only best quality equipment of CATV,digital TV and FTTH for our valued customers. We offer optical transmitter (1550nm,1310 nm),EDFA, optical receiver (outdoo,indoor,FTTH), mini optical node(bi-directional,single fiber,dual fiber,burst mode,WDM), optical workstation, optical platform, EoC modem, EoC master,CATV amplifier (outdoor,indoor), QAM modulator,DS3 adopter,mutiplexer,encoder, digital TV meter, level meter, multi-carrier signal generator (42, CENELEC; 98,PAL;128,NTSC) and so on. We provide reliable and advanced technology support with our 29-year CATV experience. OEM and ODM orders are welcomed. We are looking forward to cooperating with you to open up bright market together.

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