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Lumencool Optoelectronic Co., Ltd

Адрес: Благовещенск, Guangcheng

Контактное лицо: Josie Ye

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О компании «Lumencool Optoelectronic Co., Ltd»

With 10 years' industrial experience, Lumencool Optoelectronic co.,Limited becomes a high technology company providing state-of-the-art LED heat sinks and solutions. High performance of the coolers is our continual pursuit, our breaking-through LED cooler series Spc, Delta, Sog, Nato, Sas, Ks, SEAL have been helping the LED lighting manufacturers improve their designs with the heat dissipation in better efficiency and more aesthetic appearance, substantially win business opportunities in high-end LED markets for them. As one of the pioneer of LED heat sink, we provide wide range of LED thermal wattage from 5W -300W , and we are welcoming any prototype ideas from customers to fullfill the innovative thermal solution efforts. Respect talent is one of our core values to develope company, qaulity is above all the base for us to maximize customer's satisfaction. By offering the one-stop-solution, we aim to make contribute to energy saving career and play important leading role in the LED lighting industry in the future. 

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