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beijing himalayamedical, ООО

Адрес: Екатеринбург, No.28 Langfa Industrial Park, Daxing Beijing

Контактное лицо: himalayamedical

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О компании «beijing himalayamedical»

Beijing Himalaya Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a global leading designer and developer of technologically advanced medical aesthetic systems for the surgical and aesthetic markets. Based on 10 years technical know-how and clinical research, we combine current offices, R&D and manufacturing facilities as well as clinics for more responsive to dynamic market needs. For years, Himalaya is well recognized by medical aesthetic practitioners, plastic surgeons, and dermatologists with a diverse applications of hair removal, body contouring, cellulite reduction, skin revitalization as well as anti-aging procedures. Expertise, Innovation, Trust! Himalaya lights up your potentials! Our team We are committed to develop safe and effective solutions for medical aesthetic practitioners with clinical proven results. Our products Our devices represent cutting edge technology and patented design Our customers Because of trust, then we are! Just learn more about us and discover how Himalaya can upgrade you today! We’re ready to light up your potentials!

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