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ZGTEK Co., Ltd., ЗАО

Адрес: Балашиха, Jiaxing, Jiaxing,Zhejiang,China

Контактное лицо: Pink Lin

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8(657) XXX-XX-XX
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О компании «ZGTEK Co., Ltd.»

Zhe Gong CNC Welding Machine(ZGTEK) Co., Ltd. provides top-notch technologies in the filter cage welding area. From a stand alone machine to a whole automated production line, our machines are with world class standards in flexibility, quality and cost-efficiency, based on our expertise in designing and manufacturing cage welding equipment. After years of hard work in constant quality improvement, today our machines are proven to feature high stability and reliability. Our company has become a trustworthy supplier with the most complete product portfolio in filter cage welding industry in China. Now we are expanding the world market, and we are introducing our products to the every corner of the globe. Our main products are: Cage welding machine, Auto welding machines for round cages, quincunx cages as well as oval cages Top and bottom cap welders Butt welders Horizontal Venturi tube welders Auto ring making machines Auto wire straightening machines All types of special fixtures So far, our cages produced with ZGTEK welders have been wildly used in environment protection and dust collection industries by customers from home and abroad, bringing values to them. Thanks to the excellent performances of our machines, we are often referred to as a "cage welding expert" by customers.

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