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Yayuhong Optoelectronic & Technology Co.,Ltd

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Адрес:Дружковка, NO.386,Sili South Road,Daping Village,Tangxia Town,Tangxia City,Guangdong Province,China
Контактное лицо:Jody Chen
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Регистрация:2015-07-21 10:11:03
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О компании «Yayuhong Optoelectronic & Technology Co.,Ltd»

Yayuhong Optoelectronic&Technology Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise ,dedicated to the design,manufacture and sales of the world class AD lighting source and LED lighting source .
Ding Zhuo ,as a branch company is specialized in LED module business,established in 2007,totally invested ¥20,000,000 .we developed into an outstanding enterprise which has a 3000 ㎡ ultra clean ,anti-static factory and ¥200,000,000 annual turnover.
Our organizational strcuture is “dumbbell style”.Focused on R&D system and marketing,with excellent quality and items in the middle,we keep pace with the industry and got a rapid progress.meantime.we invested heavily in sales,management,strengthen ourenterprise culture .
We passed ISO9001:2000 quality systems,ISO14001:2004 environment systems,Rohs,CE,part of product enjoy GS,UL,CB,CCC certification,more than 90% produts sold to EU,North America,Asia countries and Australia.we enjoyed a high reputation and popularity in the industry.
As a professional AD lighting products manufacturer ,We enjoy "YYH" brand and technical patent ,also we control the advanced technology in encapsulation .more than 10 years industry experience for our R&D and production staff ,all that adequately ensure our professionally design,manufacture and sell led lighting modules,led lighting strips and so on products.developed excellent led design and production expertise.
All material comes from brand suppliers,quick lead time.this ensure us to provide high level products,service and solutions.we try to created more value for customer,in order to win their trust and loyalty .
Quality is the core part in YYH,our R&D concept is "Reliable,Practical,Lower cost",we use our cordial working attitude,integrity principle ,practical working style,to provide you satisfied products and services.and this will be the base of our long term partnership.
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