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Homray Enterprise, АО

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Адрес:Владивосток, Henfang Mansion, 265 FanChon Road, Sooshow, China
Контактное лицо:Serena
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О компании «Homray Enterprise»

Homray Enterprise was established in 2003, is a large enterprise which is specialized in manufacturing drainage system and industrial metal products. Our products are widely used in many famous projects such as railway station, landmark central plaza, government administration building, urban tunnels etc. More broadly, our linear drainage products can be applied in landscaping drainage system, architecture drainage system, municipal administration, underground building communication pipeline, industrial sewage etc. Besides Homray Industrial Limited as enterprise is international trade centre, Homray Enterprise has three subsidiaries as own manufactory in mainland China. Our dealers and partners are mainly distributed in Europe, USA, Southeast Asia, South America and Mid-east and our sales value exceeded 80 Million US dollars in 2012. Our linear drainage system and metal products have won great reputation in worldwide markets. Owning E-mark, FCC, CE, ISO Certification & Quality Control System as our quality guarantee, we won good feedback from our customers.

Our products range includes linear drainage system, polymer concrete drainage channel, slotted galvanized steel cover, stainless steel grating, ductile iron drainage channel grate, linear drainage trench, manhole covers, gully grating, agricultural irrigation canal, underground communication pipeline etc. Polymer resin, as the main raw material of polymer resin concrete, compares with the traditional cement concrete. Polymer resin mixes some different materials together, making polymer resin concrete have the excellent flexibility and endurability. Polymer resin makes the product difficult to crack and improves its corrosion resistance. Furthermore, polymer resin concrete doesnt contain moisture, anhydrous phenomenon will not happen. With stable molecular structure, even in the extremely bad temperature circumstances, it will not be cracked or damaged. Most important, polymer concrete channel wont release hazardous substances in various environments- no chemical residues. It is a kind of ideal green materials without pollution. Our Linear drainage trench is available for landscaping, pedestrian zone, industrial surface and architectural surface and grating can be custom made in ductile iron, stainless steel, galvanized steel so as to meet your specification. In such a world with deteriorating environment, we are dedicated to providing the green products that help people save energy resources to contribute to the human beings.

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Достижения компании

Homray as the leading manufacturer and supplier of good quality linear drainage channel,
polymer concrete drainage trench and drain channel grating. We provide customers with
gap linear drainage system, slot stainless steel trench cover and liner drainage trench .
Furthermore we are specialized in manufacturing ductile iron grating and polymer concrete
linear drain gutter, sewage system.
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