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PRO Machinery and Electric (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd, ООО

Просмотров: 789
Адрес:Благовещенск, West of Private Industrial Zone, Dong Zhu Town, New District of Suzhou, China
Телефон:0086 0512 66933369
Факс:0086 0512 66933370
Контактное лицо:PROMACHINRY
Сайт компании:
Регистрация:2012-12-01 12:53:17
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О компании «PRO Machinery and Electric (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd»

Company Profile PRO Machinery and Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd was founded in 2002, a wholly Taiwanese owned company, located at Dongzhu Town, Suzhou New District. PRO is the leading supplier of drawing machinery and stranding machinery in the China over the past 10 years. Our range of product & services Our range of wire & cable Machinery includes about 97 kinds of equipments: Rod breakdown machine, Intermediate wire drawing machine, Fine and extremely fine wire drawing machine, Annealing-tinning machine, Stranding machine, Extruder machine and Braided wire machine. PRO also professional specialized in technology consulting and whole plant planning. Infrastructure PRO has state-of-the-art facility to produce each component used in their machine in-house. The Company has a mix of Chinese and European Machines to ensure high productivity and increased accuracy. The heavy duty Automatic Boring Machine is used for manufacturing all gear boxes and ensures high level of accuracy. The Lathe Machine is used to turn the machine Central Shafts and heavy duty High Centre Lathes to turn and do accurate grooving for Capstans. In addition we have a wide range of Lathe Machines, Shaper Machines, Balancing Equipments, Radial Drill and Cutting Machines to ensure highest quality and consistency of their products. Each and every component manufactured goes through an inspection by the dedicated Quality Control Team using Equipments like Vernier Calipers, Hardness Testers, Micro Meters, Bore Gauges, Height Gauges, and Water Level Indicators Sound Level Meters etc. Market PRO Machinery and Electric (Suzhou) Co., Ltd sells and services the superior-quality PRO drawing machinery in China and over the world. Our production base situated at Suzhou New district and Dongguan, Guangdong province with agencies in Korea, India and Vietnam. Exporting machines to Japan, Korea, Taiwan, HK, Malaysia, England, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Iran, Kenya and so on. Designing - Standardization and Customization PRO has always believed that each customer requirements need to be studied in detail and hence designing the machines to suite their requirements. We have a dedicated design team which ensures that necessary changes are made to the standard models to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The Design team is equipped with latest machine design software, analysis tools and 3-D drawing tools, to ensure each design has passed the test before production. After Sales Service PRO has excelled in offering the best after sales service to their clients over a period of 11 years now. This has ensured repetitive orders from clients. At PRO we have always believed in strengthening the relationship with existing clients by offering them the best services at all times. It has always fulfilled its commitments and hence ensured a very strong reputation for Stability and Service over the years. A dedicated team of field engineers are always ready for any customer queries and troubleshooting. These engineers have specially been trained for Problem Solving and Maintenance issues and have rich experience in the Wire and Cable Manufacturing. We positively work on to anticipate future technologies and development, with slogan "World wide accept technological company PRO".
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