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Адрес:Благовещенск, КНР
Контактное лицо:Zheng Jilu
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О компании «DEEN»

Shandong Deen Technology Co., Ltd. registered capital is RMB 36 million, cooperates with America Yintex International Co., Germany E+H Co., Malaysia TS Trading, Middle East A + Plus Company and Hong Kong TinYing Co., it has expanded its business to researching, manufacturing, processing in domestic and international trade.
Shandong Shenbang Technology Develop Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of high-intensity PET strap for cotton,which is joint venture established by Shandong Deen Technology Co.,Ltd and Xinjiang Bingjin Cotton Technology Co.,Ltd with the guide of Shandong province of Xinjiang support.
Deen owns two bases for professional processing and manufacturing in Jinan, and sets up subsidiary offices in Zibo city, Qingdao city, Guangzhou city and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region etc., mainly manufactures PET strap auto-production line, PET strap, strapping tools, banding buckles, waste tire recycling production line, and sells them to more than dozens of countries as far as Japan,Europe-America and more than dozens of provinces in domestics.
Shandong Deen was awarded“One of 100-Top Medium –small Enterprises”by”China Academy of Social Science”,“China Semimar for Private –owned Economy”,“China Association of Medium-small Business Enterprise.”It also was awarded “Shandong Star Enterprise”by “Department of Science and Technologies of Shandong Province”,“Intellectual Property of Shandong.”
“Shandong Deen Research Dopartment”establishes a long-term cooperationship with “Tsing hua University”,”East China University of Science and Technology”and “Shandong University”,“PET Nano-material Research Center of Chinese Academy of Science,””Polyester Research Cebter of Qilu Petrochemical.”We apply new technologies and keep products on the leading position,and own five national patents.
Deen focuses on quality and cordial dredit, we established firm relationshiop with many enterprises in home and abroad on the basis of high efficiency,good quality and mutual benefits and formed self-contained supplying and selling net in US,HONGKONG and Western Europe.We keep staidness,practice and sincerty as our basis of cooperation and take good quality and top-class service as our cornerstone.
Deen attaches importance to elite recruitment and traiining and takes it as her foundation .More than 40%employees are college students/postgraduates/high ranking engineers,wherever the employees come from ,whoever he is ,we offer best reward once he does good jobs.Our staff believe it ,capability +diligency+surroundings=individual value.We produce not only high-tech productsbut also millionaires,which is benefit-sharing value of the general managers.
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