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Продам Wood Pellet Machine Match with Tractor (KL 200)

Добавлено: 18 октября 2016, просмотров: 403
allen kate
Цена: 75000 руб.
A new Pellet Mill, with Tractor PTO and 3-point attachment capable of producing biomass pellets for pellet stoves, animal feed, or other uses at a rate up to 600 pounds per hour depending on the raw material used. This model has a 200mm (7.87 inches) die with 6mm die holes (~1/4 inch). Advantage: The KL serial equipment, are indispensable for scientific feeding and fueling by making the fullest use of natural resources. The fodder will be nearly cooked during the processing which can greatly increase the proportion of take-in nutrition. And reduce the zymolysis time of fertilizers. Model Power Feed output(kg/h) Sawdust output(kg/h) N/G(kg) Outside(cm) Qty/20'FCL KL200 PTO 7.5kw 200-300 100-150 150/190 72x85x52 100 Function: It can be match with tractor. We adopt the new design of direct connection of motor shaft and the main shaft that overcome the loose defect of belt connecting as long time using. When the fodder is added in, the template, pressing roller and fodder will be heated to 60-80 digree by the friction among them. Afer being pressed through the template, the fodder will be thrown from the machine in a state of granular. You can choose the size of the granules by using diffrent template wiht different size of holes in it. A diesel eingine is another choice to drive the machine, together with the clutch and accelerating-decelerating device to change its speed. It is still for the belt to drive the main shaft. The machine can run smoothly and with few noises

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